Memoirs of a heart~Book Review

Title-Memoirs of a heart

Author-Various (Of Madhouse writers)

Publisher-Authors Ink

Number of pages-190

Price-200 INR


This is an anthology that I won in a handwriting poetry challenge conducted by the madhouse writers itself.

The very first thing that attracted me towards this very anthology was its cover. The cover is amongst the best cover page I’ve ever seen. Hands holding a heart is indeed a great idea for a cover page which is designed by none other than Ajitabh Bose, the best cover designer.

Coming up to the title of the book, it was an odd one.Both the title and the cover page makes it an attractive book. (This anthology had been written by 23 brilliant writers of madhouse writers.)

When you notice both these things your expectation level touches heights but after finish reading it all you feel is a big disappointment.

This anthology consists of poems on love, date, friendship, dreams, life and much more still except for few poems all were major turn off. It seemed that the poems were written just for the sake of being published.

What I liked?

The title and the cover page.

What I didn’t like?

The compiling, the printing and except few all the poems.

Final verdict

Really a  bad read.

My ratings


*P.S. 1 because I liked the title, the cover, and a few poems.

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From the closet of the heart~Book Review

Title-From the closet of the heart


Publisher-Artson Publishing House

Number of pages-133

Price-170 INR


A year and a half ago while cleaning my closet I found a few hand written notes. It reminded me how I used to write notes whenever I had something to say but couldn’t really express it well. And that is how the thought of this project popped up in my head and heart, says Soniya Kapoor, compiler and the publisher of the book. We all have stories deep within our hearts, and we desire to share it with our people. These are not just made up stories, these are the words of the soul. Real stories expressing the raw emotions. We all have a couple of messages, saved in the draft box, few apologies written on the pages of our diary, and our confessions written on the last page of the journal. We decided to go a little old school and asked people to share their real-life stories expressing the raw emotions. From the Closet of The Heart – a book of love, gratitude, remembrance, and apologies, is a collection of real-life stories written by writers from the different parts of the world. Stories that are so relatable that you would want to hug the book close to your heart. With this project, we have made an effort to applaud the human emotions…


Just one word for this book “WOW.”
So yeah, this is the 2nd anthology published by Artson Publishing House and like the 1st one, this anthology too left me awestruck. The blurb is enough to convey what is inside. This anthology is full of love, remembrance, regrets, emotions, feelings and what not? There are some stories and some stories in the form of letters that really touched my heart and I can bet you will feel the same also many would relate with them too. Some stories are good enough that they left me in tears. At that moment of time while reading few stories all I wish is to go and hug the author.

So here I’m sharing reviews of all such stories that touched me to the core.

The very 1st one has been written by Akash Chaudhari titled as “THE NIGHT THAT NEVER SLEPT”. Akash left me spellbound with his story. How could someone put every emotion all together in one short story? This story is about the depressed phase of his life, a story about the pain of breakup and loneliness, about a numb body that needed pills for its proper functioning. While reading a line where he writes his eyes were wet with shame, mine were wet with proud that he cope up with that phase somewhere for the people who didn’t give up on him. Great going Akash, best of luck for your future endeavors.

The 2nd one is being written by Amisha Khemka. These are 3 short letters titled as “A LETTER”, one for her mom, other for dad and the last one for a girl named Saloni. Kudos to this girl who captured such deep emotions in just a few sentences.These letters must be so close to her heart also salute to the guts bro, you nailed it. It takes a lot to pen down your feeling and limit it to few lines still not lose the essence.

Harshit Chhablani’s “DEAR DAD” will remain my favorite forever. This letter is about a son who misses his dad who got separated by death. It is like, ‘ In the loving memory of my dad separated by death together by love’ waala thing. I can totally relate to it. How it feels to live a life without the pillar who stood by you till his last breath? Do you know how it feels to lose the superman of your life and then this destiny bound you to live even if you don’t want to? I know and I guess many of you who have lost someone too close to their heart know. *TEARS*

The 4th one, “MY OTHER HALF” by Monica Parmar. Losing a sister who meant little baby is such a big loss. You left me in tears Monica. I wish I would have words, to sum up what your story is all about. *LOVE*

“FROM A GIRLS DIARY” by Shashwati Patil. A letter to a loving father who is just bit more protective about his daughter’s future. In this letter, the Authoress penned her frustration about how she feels being discouraged by her dad in something where her soul resides.She says she can’t him murder her dreams because her dreams are the reason for her survival and in order to fulfill those all she needs is his support. Well, if we have support from our family to fulfill our dreams then what else is needed?

So these are all those stories that I loved and related with.

Coming up to the cover of the book and the title then all I would say is, it couldn’t be better than this. The cover is something catchy that will bound you to buy this book sooner or later.

Go and grab yourself a copy if you loved the review and please don’t miss the stories I mentioned here.Just don’t.

My ratings


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Punk Sunk Love by Dhirendra Tiwari~ Book Review

Title-Punk Sunk Love

Author-Dhirendra Tiwari

Publisher-Srishti Publishers and distributors

Number of pages-232

Price-195 INR


Two men; two personalities; two slants of love; one destiny. Roy’s tender heart is on a quest to find the holy grail of mankind true love. But, the soft echo of feisty Monica’s whispering words remember, remember, the sixth of September will change everything, raining mayhem on him and everyone he touches.
Shammi, a serial monogamist, thinks love is an urban myth a ridiculous creation of the feeble hearts. As awe-inspiring beautiful Sona brisks through his life, the sublime aura of her love brews a raging battle within him. A battle between his objectivity and his heart.
Smothered by the haunting causality of love, Shammi’s life spirals down a path of retribution against his own demons and Roy’s life is sunk in a deluge of inexplicable state of affairs. Facing imminent danger and running out of options, Roy suddenly finds himself cornered and isolated. Roy’s only glimmer of hope is by helping Shammi pull out of the dark tunnels of his inner demons; transforming his retribution into redemption; healing his agony with hope; and swapping his wretchedness with swagger … the swagger of love.


The book focuses on two lives- Shammi and Roy, two entirely different characters in different scenarios but destiny brings them to a crossroad. The story is packed with suspense and you can literally feel it on every page. The experience was like watching a movie in my head while I was reading it, more like a Bollywood movie with full of emotions, drama, thrill and suspense.

It is a fast-paced story with an interesting story line.

Cover page

The cover page is beautiful but it could have been better.


The title is indeed a unique one. Catchy indeed.

Writing style
As far as writing style is considered I think it could have been better.


The author did a good job in framing the characters as they seemed real and connected well with me.

Final verdict

It was an average read. Give it a read for sure, you will find the plot very interesting just like me, I guess.

If you are looking for a romantic thriller, this one is definitive read for you.

My ratings


Amazon link.

About the author

Dhirendra Tiwari began his journey as a writer some twenty-five years ago and some twenty-thousand feet above the ground at the Scindia School, also where he finished his basic education. He finished his Engineering in Mumbai and Master’s in Science from Houston, Texas. He is currently settled in New Jersey with his wife and son.

In Love and Free by Jagdish Jogee~Book Review

Title– In Love and Free

Author-Jagdish Joghee

Publisher-Notion Press

Number of pages-108

Price-149 INR


Shruthi has everything going in her life with great education, incredible romance, a wonderful husband, and two adorable kids. There is plenty of laughter, joy and love in the cosy nest that Shruthi has carefully built.
All is well till that fateful Diwali day when passion gets the better of reason. One momentary lapse threatens to uproot the entire foundation of her beautiful life. The stakes are too high as Shruti runs the risk of being abandoned by her husband and losing her children too.


It can’t be call as a novel rather it is a novella


The cover is beautiful having bluish shade and woman standing that totally depict the protagonist.


The title isn’t that unique type. It could have been better.

The story revolves around a good fortune girl who never faced defeat ever in her life; A good daughter, a sincere student, a successful entrepreneur, a dedicated lover/wife, caring mother… a wrong desire turned her perfect life upside down.
This is the story of a girl who fell in love with 2 men at the same time, one her husband and other her best friend’s husband. Will she cross her limits or repent soon… is for the readers to find out 😉

What will happen next when the dirty face of truth unveils?
Think! Think!
Let it be under shades leaving an element of suspense.

Writing style
The writing style of the author pretty well that connects with readers making it worth reading.

My verdict

The story didn’t have any wow factor. A story you may have seen in serials, a usual story that anyone could write. Well, it’s totally your choice whether to buy it or not.

My ratings


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Letter to all those who need someone

To all the people who are reading this.

Hi there, I’m here today for a very good cause so I request you to read this and I hope you will read till the end.

Somewhere we all are lost and confused souls, aren’t we?
We don’t know what we should do and what not, we mess up things, we pretend to be strong but forget that even strong people become weak at some point in their life. I, myself used to think I’m very strong but then there were some days when the world seems dead to me, so many people around but no one to listen to me. A strong urge to cry and let people know that yes, I need you. I need someone who will listen to me, I need someone who will listen to my problems, my feelings, my now, my then, my cries, yells, screams, frustration, anger, stories, secrets, and what not. There were times when during nights I didn’t feel myself anymore. I did cry but no single drop to shed. I kept on staring the wall, I kept on searching for myself, I kept trying to hold myself back and have something that my stomach craved for but mind had no appetite. I wanted to scream, I did but there was no sound. I wanted to let my frustration out by breaking things, I did but nothing got broken except for my heart.

It’s okay to get lost, it’s okay to be confused. We all go through the same but what hurts more is when there will be no one to listen to us, no one to show us right path, no one to hug even without knowing the fact that getting a hug can create magic and probably heal everything to some extent, no one to say that, “don’t worry it’s just a phase, don’t worry everything will be fine, don’t worry I’m here.”

So dear people I want you to know something and everything I will write down is true and I mean it.

I’ve gone through everything and I know how it feels when loneliness captivates you to an extent that even when you want others to know that you need them, you can’t really tell them.
I’m here for all those people who feel they have lost their motive in life, who feel like they are worthless and thinking about quitting.
When no one is there, trust me I’m. I know the pain and I can feel. I know it’s not that easy to listen to all those things but I will listen because I know how it feels.
To all those who know me and have talked, I’m just a message away. To all those who have my number, I’m just a call away.
No matter whether you are elder to me or younger, I will listen to you. No matter whether we have talked or didn’t even exchange words till now, trust me I will listen. I will listen to each and every genuine person who needs someone. I’m here. I’m here to help. My experience in this life is just 18 years, I may not be so much mature, I may not help you the way that every problem will end but I’m here with a promise that I will listen.
*spreading cheers*
*spreading love*
*I’m listening*
And to all those who are here for the same cause as mine please let people know you are with them because, with little more of love, no one on this earth will ever get lost.
(P.S. – I mean everything)

Inspiration- Kartikeya Chauhan

A letter to my dad


Dear daddy,

8 years right? It has been eight years since the black and white columns and rows accompanied with soldiers, kings, queens and much more still stare at me in a very strange way and ask me, “Do you remember the last time you played with us?”
Oh! My king still irritates me with the same question time and again that why I won just one time?

Sometimes in anger or out of frustration maybe, I throw away all of them and scream at the top of my voice but sadly with no sound. I end up crying like hell and then a picture, tugged right in front of the wall I supported myself with while crying, stares at me, maybe with anger like the players of the game, they call chess do. I hold that picture close to my heart and feel as if hugging the one, I call daddy.

I don’t really miss you.
Yeah, I don’t.
Please don’t stare me like this.
I don’t miss you.
I told you I don’t.
Ok. Fine. I do M-I-S-S you. Now happy?

Sometimes the flood of tears I shed, even makes fun of me saying “ye lo phir suru ho gyi, kabhi to has liya kr” and I’m like, “Will you shut the fuck up?”

I don’t give anyone the permission to make fun of me, Right daddy? Only you owned that right but hell yeah, you parted your ways away from me and didn’t even think of dropping in sometimes taking permission from God.

I wish there would have been a “LEAVE DAY” as jobs have then probably by sparing a thought for your little angel you would have come to see the scars given by the people of this fucking world.
Or maybe be then you would have hugged your daughter like you did when you first held her in your hands.
Oh! freak it may sound some sorts of ‘pagalpan’ as you will say when I will tell, you guys, that I sometimes feel his presence, when for sure my breathe isn’t heavy but the wind surrounding me is.

Those days of depression I went through, at the tiny age of…ummm…15 maybe, that wasn’t a joke actually. The time when all I wished for, was those arms to hold me that had covered me when I first fell down the staircase.

Oh! daddy do visit sometimes, come even in my dreams, please. All I want is to see you and want to touch your feet whenever I accomplish something and cry remembering the only man of my life.

Don’t worry I don’t cry so much, see 8 years and I’m still living and fighting like a girl.
Love ya.
Yours pagali.

When Arya Fell Through The Fault by Reenita Malhotra Hora~Book Review

Title-When Arya Fell Through The Fault

Author-Reenita Malhotra Hora

Publisher-Om Books International

Number of pages-207

Price-195 INR


When Arya Fell Through the Fault is the magical, coming-of-age tale of Arya, a twelve-year-old boy from San Francisco, who is ridiculed by bullies. Anything to do with his ethnicity—food, traditions or the fascinating mythological stories he has been raised with—has become the building block of unpleasant school experiences. In the wake of an accident that confines his once vibrant mother to a hospital ward—kept alive by tubes and machines— Arya clings to the only remnant of their bond: an old, battered copy of the Ramayana, India’s ancient epic story of Rama’s battle against demons. One night, Arya falls through a fault in the earth into the Wild Woods, where Ravana—the demon king—strategises to destroy his Ramayana—the last copy left—and threatens to rewrite history from his evil perspective. Will Arya be able to save the story of Rama, heal his mother and return home to tackle the demons in his ordinary world?


It’s an eye-catching experience looking at the cover page. The way the title and the child’s image is bulging out is indeed beautiful. The cover itself conveys the story inside. One can visualize that the story revolves around a kid and his strange life.

It’s a story about being bullied, time and again and about the challenges an Indian origin San Francisco’s kid faces due to his ethnicity.

The Ramayana- An Indian mythological book, binds him with his mother.

The habits her mother wants him to inculcate and the teachings she gives him about Indian mythology is what keeps him irritated but when he fell through the fault, all those teachings from Ramayana helped him to fight with the demons.

The thing which keep readers love reading it, is the mythological teachings and the bond that is clearly visible between Arya and his mother. When Arya’s mother is on her death-bed, it is touching how Arya uses Ramayana in an attempt to save her.

My experience 

While reading, initially I found it amusing when I read about Arya’s dream but soon my perception about the book got changed as I read further.

The language used by the Author was simple and descriptive. It was easy to understand and the story was rich in vocabulary.

Overall, the blend of fiction and mythology makes this novel a good read.

Favorite  quotes

”Always remember,  your truest weapons are your humility and pride for your culture.”

“Dreams provide a glimpse of your inner self.”

My ratings
4 stars out of 5.

Link to buy the book.

About the author

Reenita Malhotra Hora is an award-winning broadcast journalist, Ayurveda clinician and author of books on Ayurveda and finance. Her debut fiction novel, Operation Mom: How I Got My Mother a Life and Man has been recognised as a must-read young adult book written by an Indian author.

When Arya Fell Through the Fault is her second release in Reenita anchors Hong Kong’s popular morning finance programme, Money for Nothing on RTHK Radio 3. Her weekend storytelling show, Asian Threads has won her a gold trophy at the New York Festivals International Radio Program Awards. Native to Mumbai, she currently lives with her family in Hong Kong. You can follow her on Twitter (@reenymal) and Facebook ( or visit her online at