​Frozen Emotions-A casket of broken emotions~Book Review

Title– Frozen Emotions

~A casket of broken emotions.

Author– Various.

Publisher– Bookarray

Number of pages-239

Price-195 INR


What differentiates us humans from other living beings is the fact that we are connected with each other through emotions, emotions that lead to a bond, a bond that we define as a relationship. A relation is not always about blood sometimes it’s about who is there to hold your hand and support you when you need them. A great relationship is about two things, first find out the similarities, and second, respect the differences. But sometimes odd happen in relations and its value. Sometimes people go through the state of affairs or felt the hurting like, as once parents unexpectedly get from their kids, a wife gets from her husband, a sister get from her brother, and a girlfriend gets from her boyfriend or vice versa. In our life, there are lots of broken strings in form of ups & downs or conflicts in bond, although it makes a touching casket that needs to sense each one of us and embrace the same. This book is a beautiful attempt to make people realize the strength of relationships. It manages to restore the belief in everyone who has either given up on a bond or has been given up by someone.


This book is a collection of heart – warming tales and poems. Every story is unique in its own way and is very intriguing. Poems have their own charm with lovely lyrics.

This tale collection is based on different human relations and their feelings. Sometimes we engage ourselves in different activities so much that we forgot to give time to our loved ones and when we lose them we miss them. This book contains such lovely tales which will make you remember such relations in your life. Most of the tales are written by budding writers and they have poured their heart while writing them. Some of the stories are really sad which made me cry occasionally.

The Book is edited in best possible way and the language is really decent and easy to understand. The cover of the book is in Orange shades on the contrary with the title ‘Frozen Emotions’ but it looks really intriguing and beautiful. You should buy this book for different flavors of short stories which will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Why you should read this book?

-Stories are good enough that they can make you cry.

What I liked about this book?

– Apart from few stories and poems what I loved is the way it has been compiled. There are few floral pictures being printed in few page that’s what caught my attention when I started reading the book.

Also, the title is what that I loved a lot. It’s catchy.

What I disliked?

The cover page, I think it could have been better.

Final verdict


Amazon Link

Happy Reading.

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