The Soul Charmer by Richa Saxena~Book Review

Poetess: Richa Saxena

Genre: Poetry collection

Publisher: Half Baked Beans

Number of pages: 75

Price: 67 INR (Kindle version)

I’ve known Richa Saxena ma’am since few weeks and when I got to know about her book I made up my mind of reading the soul-stirring poems written by her. It is available in kindle version only.

This book is Richa’s debut work consisting of 35 poems that cover different emotions and feelings from love to heartbreak, from mother’s love to father’s love and the list goes on.

About the book

Remember the first time you uttered those three important words expressing your love or the first time when you said ‘goodbye’ to your loved one. The first time, you got a jolt in your heart or the first time you held a life in your arms.

Richa Saxena has tried to put forth a compilation of thirty-five surreal poems that would recreate that magic and unleash your deepest thoughts.

Seasons must have passed by, but that feeling still remains in the heart.

Her poems would revive those very thoughts, the ones said and the ones that remained unsaid.


I must say the title of the book is catchy and apt. As the title says this book consist of poems that have the capability to charm your soul. Coming up to the cover of the book all I can say is it says so much. Though it is dark a bit but is serving its purpose.

As already been told it has all in all 35 poems. Every poem has a deep meaning that can be understood if read by going into the depth of it. There are different sections in the book that are related to father-daughter relationship, some are sensual, some on nature having hidden emotions and feelings inside it.

While reading you will feel nostalgic, loved and maybe some can relate themselves with some poems too. The language is quite simple and easy to understand which is the best thing about any book. The poems are short and hence in few stanzas, Richa tried her level best to convey the emotions she actually wanted to convey.

My favorite poems

Unfulfilled Dreams, She is the girl, Love me like never before, voice, Love me Tonight, The first touch and High on your love.

Favorite stanza

The magic of your kiss,

stays on the lips,

 like the fag we smoked

inhaling you

soaking you; ( High on your love)

One poem that was like the scene I literally imagined while reading was LOVE ME TONIGHT.

My ratings


Overall it was a quick read and I really enjoyed reading it.

Amazon Link to buy the book

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