In Love and Free by Jagdish Jogee~Book Review

Title– In Love and Free

Author-Jagdish Joghee

Publisher-Notion Press

Number of pages-108

Price-149 INR


Shruthi has everything going in her life with great education, incredible romance, a wonderful husband, and two adorable kids. There is plenty of laughter, joy and love in the cosy nest that Shruthi has carefully built.
All is well till that fateful Diwali day when passion gets the better of reason. One momentary lapse threatens to uproot the entire foundation of her beautiful life. The stakes are too high as Shruti runs the risk of being abandoned by her husband and losing her children too.


It can’t be call as a novel rather it is a novella


The cover is beautiful having bluish shade and woman standing that totally depict the protagonist.


The title isn’t that unique type. It could have been better.

The story revolves around a good fortune girl who never faced defeat ever in her life; A good daughter, a sincere student, a successful entrepreneur, a dedicated lover/wife, caring mother… a wrong desire turned her perfect life upside down.
This is the story of a girl who fell in love with 2 men at the same time, one her husband and other her best friend’s husband. Will she cross her limits or repent soon… is for the readers to find out ;)

What will happen next when the dirty face of truth unveils?
Think! Think!
Let it be under shades leaving an element of suspense.

Writing style
The writing style of the author pretty well that connects with readers making it worth reading.

My verdict

The story didn’t have any wow factor. A story you may have seen in serials, a usual story that anyone could write. Well, it’s totally your choice whether to buy it or not.

My ratings


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