From the closet of the heart~Book Review

Title-From the closet of the heart


Publisher-Artson Publishing House

Number of pages-133

Price-170 INR


A year and a half ago while cleaning my closet I found a few hand written notes. It reminded me how I used to write notes whenever I had something to say but couldn’t really express it well. And that is how the thought of this project popped up in my head and heart, says Soniya Kapoor, compiler and the publisher of the book. We all have stories deep within our hearts, and we desire to share it with our people. These are not just made up stories, these are the words of the soul. Real stories expressing the raw emotions. We all have a couple of messages, saved in the draft box, few apologies written on the pages of our diary, and our confessions written on the last page of the journal. We decided to go a little old school and asked people to share their real-life stories expressing the raw emotions. From the Closet of The Heart – a book of love, gratitude, remembrance, and apologies, is a collection of real-life stories written by writers from the different parts of the world. Stories that are so relatable that you would want to hug the book close to your heart. With this project, we have made an effort to applaud the human emotions…


Just one word for this book “WOW.”
So yeah, this is the 2nd anthology published by Artson Publishing House and like the 1st one, this anthology too left me awestruck. The blurb is enough to convey what is inside. This anthology is full of love, remembrance, regrets, emotions, feelings and what not? There are some stories and some stories in the form of letters that really touched my heart and I can bet you will feel the same also many would relate with them too. Some stories are good enough that they left me in tears. At that moment of time while reading few stories all I wish is to go and hug the author.

So here I’m sharing reviews of all such stories that touched me to the core.

The very 1st one has been written by Akash Chaudhari titled as “THE NIGHT THAT NEVER SLEPT”. Akash left me spellbound with his story. How could someone put every emotion all together in one short story? This story is about the depressed phase of his life, a story about the pain of breakup and loneliness, about a numb body that needed pills for its proper functioning. While reading a line where he writes his eyes were wet with shame, mine were wet with proud that he cope up with that phase somewhere for the people who didn’t give up on him. Great going Akash, best of luck for your future endeavors.

The 2nd one is being written by Amisha Khemka. These are 3 short letters titled as “A LETTER”, one for her mom, other for dad and the last one for a girl named Saloni. Kudos to this girl who captured such deep emotions in just a few sentences.These letters must be so close to her heart also salute to the guts bro, you nailed it. It takes a lot to pen down your feeling and limit it to few lines still not lose the essence.

Harshit Chhablani’s “DEAR DAD” will remain my favorite forever. This letter is about a son who misses his dad who got separated by death. It is like, ‘ In the loving memory of my dad separated by death together by love’ waala thing. I can totally relate to it. How it feels to live a life without the pillar who stood by you till his last breath? Do you know how it feels to lose the superman of your life and then this destiny bound you to live even if you don’t want to? I know and I guess many of you who have lost someone too close to their heart know. *TEARS*

The 4th one, “MY OTHER HALF” by Monica Parmar. Losing a sister who meant little baby is such a big loss. You left me in tears Monica. I wish I would have words, to sum up what your story is all about. *LOVE*

“FROM A GIRLS DIARY” by Shashwati Patil. A letter to a loving father who is just bit more protective about his daughter’s future. In this letter, the Authoress penned her frustration about how she feels being discouraged by her dad in something where her soul resides.She says she can’t him murder her dreams because her dreams are the reason for her survival and in order to fulfill those all she needs is his support. Well, if we have support from our family to fulfill our dreams then what else is needed?

So these are all those stories that I loved and related with.

Coming up to the cover of the book and the title then all I would say is, it couldn’t be better than this. The cover is something catchy that will bound you to buy this book sooner or later.

Go and grab yourself a copy if you loved the review and please don’t miss the stories I mentioned here.Just don’t.

My ratings


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