Memoirs of a heart~Book Review

Title-Memoirs of a heart

Author-Various (Of Madhouse writers)

Publisher-Authors Ink

Number of pages-190

Price-200 INR


This is an anthology that I won in a handwriting poetry challenge conducted by the madhouse writers itself.

The very first thing that attracted me towards this very anthology was its cover. The cover is amongst the best cover page I’ve ever seen. Hands holding a heart is indeed a great idea for a cover page which is designed by none other than Ajitabh Bose, the best cover designer.

Coming up to the title of the book, it was an odd one.Both the title and the cover page makes it an attractive book. (This anthology had been written by 23 brilliant writers of madhouse writers.)

When you notice both these things your expectation level touches heights but after finish reading it all you feel is a big disappointment.

This anthology consists of poems on love, date, friendship, dreams, life and much more still except for few poems all were major turn off. It seemed that the poems were written just for the sake of being published.

What I liked?

The title and the cover page.

What I didn’t like?

The compiling, the printing and except few all the poems.

Final verdict

Really a  bad read.

My ratings


*P.S. 1 because I liked the title, the cover, and a few poems.

Amazon link.

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