Ashvamedha- game of power by Aparna Sinha~Book Review

Title-Ashvamedha – game of power

Author-Aparna Sinha

Publisher-Srishti publishers and distributors

Number of pages-214

Price-195 INR


“You have to dethrone a powerful man to become the most powerful. I was
itching to defeat the single most powerful person, but there wasn’t any. I
was left with only one choice — to create one.”
Little does Ashwin Jamwal know that the last twenty-five years of his life have
been controlled by a master manipulator, who wanted to make him the most
powerful man on earth, though for a reason! Ashwin steps up to take oath as the
youngest Prime Minister of India, and is unknowingly thrown into a vortex of
power and authority as the entire world is threatened by a faceless enemy —
The world starts to look up to Ashwin as the savior, but he was just a pawn,
reared only to be sacrificed in the end.
A story of greed, lies, deceptions, manipulations and corruption, Ashvamedha is
a thriller revolving around the infamous game of power in a maddening bid to
seek absolute control.


Ashwamedha-The Game of Power by Aparna Sinha is an intriguing Political Thriller, that makes you hooked on to the book till the end. It’s a story of friendship, the friendship between Arun and Ashwin, a story of love, love that is between Adya and Ashwin and also a story of dirty politics.

From the starting to till the end, it will let you engaged and engrossed in thinking about what will happen next. Instances of dirty politics and corruption are spilled over in the book. The twists in the book that comes at regular intervals will keep the reader engaged.


The plot is gripping and a page turner. A complete package of suspense which is revealed at the end of the novel keeping you shocked, maybe?

Cover page and the title

The book cover is something that gives an idea of power that is what the major subject of the story is. The title is apt as the whole story revolves around the power. The subtitle clearly gives us the purpose of this novel.


The characterization is good, it seems realistic. The author had done a good job in framing the characters. Each character has a strong personality which seems real.


The language and the vocabulary used is impressive too. There wasn’t any use of some high words, it was simple and comprehensive.

Final verdict

A bit different in a genre this book is interesting, gripping and a page turner. Overall it was a good read

My ratings

 4 stars out of 5

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About the Author

Aparna Sinha wrote her first poem when she was seven, which she recited on All India Radio. Since then, her literary work and industry specific articles have been published in various media, including reputed business magazines across Asia.

Equipped with a Master’s in management, when she was forced to quit her lucrative job because of a chronic disease, she focused on her sole passion – writing.

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