Bouquet of emotions, feelings & thoughts by Subhrajyoti Parida~Book Review 

Title– Bouquet of emotions, feelings & thoughts

Author-Subhrajyoti Parida

Publisher– Dreamhouse Publishers

Number of pages-84

Price-150 INR


‘Bouquet’ – of emotions, feelings and thoughts is the maiden endeavour of the poet to pour his heart through poems based on a plethora of subjects- from human nature, emotions and ambitions to environmental issues currently imperilling our very existence and social issues like female foeticide which needs immediate attention if our future needs to survive.

The poet, post unfortunate demise of his mother due to cancer, embarked upon an unique journey of compiling his poems (which were more of his emotions, feelings and thoughts than mere play of words) with the sole objective of dedicating the ‘Bouquet’ of poems to his late Mother.

The book is a collection of poems on an array of themes just like a ‘bouquet’ of flowers of vivid colours and fragrance. Hence, the title : ‘Bouquet- of emotions, feelings and thoughts’


Poetry is something that says a lot in just a couple of lines and that sometimes leave a huge impact on people like me who loves poetry more than prose. People often avoid buying poetry books as for them, it is a waste of money to buy poetry books but I feel no shame that I do buy a poetry book and read them time and again. Trust me everytime I read poems, it feels like being in a different world.

And poets are someone who knows how to convey their feelings, add music and emotions in just a few lines.

The Bouquet is a poetry anthology dedicated to poet’s beloved mother. She died battling with cancer and that is what led the poet to pen his emotions about his love for his mother along with few other poems based on different genres.

This book has been divided into 7 different parts. Each part has few poems and in which 6 parts are based on human life and the last one contains few short poems.

About the 1st part- Part 1 is solely dedicated to poet’s mother and about his love and his missing phase of living without her. This part is indeed better than all other parts of the book and the poems are really touching. What could be more touching than the poems based on the people who plays a vital role in our life?

About the 2nd part- Part 2nd is based on nature and it’s beauty. In this part, the poem which I loved the most was “World is beautiful.” The rhyming of this poem was just “WOW.” In this poem, the poet beautifies the beauty of nature through his words and at the same time connects us a bit more to it and the line I loved the most was

‘Mountains are tall, oceans are deep,

So much to climb and so much to dive. ‘

About the 3rd part- The 3rd part is based on emotions also this part is named as “it’s all about emotions.”

I loved the way the poet has penned down the poem title as “Loving my hair.” It’s hilarious how the poet who is going bald with each passing day pens about a poem based on hair.

This line “Life needs one last chance, Hair can grow back again.” I hope the poet will get his hair back. :-p (NO OFFENSE).

About the part 4- Then comes a section whose very 1st poem is based on the poet. He, a poet, defines poet. Being a poet myself I can relate to what he had penned down. I loved the line,

“He writes music to which thoughts dance,

He is none other than a Poet,

Who sings with his words duet. “

Though this part is based on human life, dreams, wishes, and events but I find the poem ” Poet” misfit in this part.

This part contains 2-3 poems that touched my heart but I loved the poem “Poet” the most, that’s why I’ve discussed that poem only.

About the part 5- This part is a combination of poems have different essence and are based on different genres like peace, festival, chocolate and lolly pop. It feels that the poet penned down these poems by being a kid himself as this part is bit entertaining, also even a kid will love to read this part.

About the part 6- This part is all about life.

The very 1st poem named “Living again” is the one I loved the most. The stanza,

” Inspire me, don’t just follow me,

For I no longer lead any of you.

Gone are those hey days of me,

For I survive, only with the memories of you.”

The meaning of this stanza is clearly visible and I personally admire the poet for writing this stanza.

Last but not the least is the 7th part that contains few miscellaneous poems in which I loved the poem “Time in few lines, Despair and being young.”

Overall review

The compiling of the poems are good but I advise the poet to avoid using extra dots while giving the title to the poems. I loved the image being used on every page of the book. The title was good but instead of using “&”, the poet should have used “and.”

I didn’t like the cover of the book as it could have been better. I, once again, advice the poet to use different cover in the next edition as before get attracted towards the content inside, one attracts towards the cover of the book and often a book is judged by its cover.

In a nutshell, all I could say is, poems were fantastic and if the poet will try to improve the points I’ve marked for improvement then this book will be a 5 star book. As of now, I will rate it 3 stars out of 5.

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