Colorful Notions-The roadtrippers 1.0~Book Review

Title– Colorful notions

Author– Mohit Goyal

Publisher– Srishti Publishers and distributors

Number of pages-194

Price-175 INR


Would you give up your high-paying job and comfortable personal
life to drive ten thousand kilometers across India Just for fun!
Three twenty-somethings dare to do just that! While the two boys take turns
to drive, the girl gives voice-over as they record their entire journey on a handy
Ab, Sasha and Unnati are ordinary youngsters, rendered special by the feat they
accomplish. As they recount their adventures, I crave to live their journey.
They look at each other with a glint in their eyes, as if refurbishing those
memories while narrating their spooky time at Bhangarh Fort, strange
escapades at Wagah Border and Sundarbans, car breakdowns, wild animals,
near-death experiences and highway robbers! It’s nothing less than crazy.
I doubted if I’d ever have the gumption to create such experiences. So I did the
next best thing – I penned a book about them, and their roadtrip.
Colorful Notions is a journey of three young hearts on the Indian terrain and
into the inner recesses of their souls, giving a new perspective to relationships,
love and life.

It often happens that due to our hectic schedule we fail to fulfill our desires for getting some “ME” time and travel the world without any stress, workload or thought about tomorrow.

The very first time I saw this book I made up mind that anyhow I have to read this book. Who doesn’t want to travel and getting a chance to read a travelogue is icing on the cake when you are reading it for the 1st time. So this is what my initial experience was. So as soon as I received the book I started reading it without having a thought to delay.

This story is about three friends namely Abhay, Sashank and Unnati and their quest to find deeper meanings of life. They plan to cover entire India in just 75 days. (YOU HAVE TO BUY THE BOOK TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEY EMBARK ON THE JOURNEY OF TRAVELLING INDIA.)

The author has done a great job in naming each chapter that will surely be going to make you read the book in one go.It seems realistic and is engaging.

The plot is too good and the narration is lucid. A huge round of applause to the author for framing such amazing characters in the book, and by this I mean the characterization was so good, not only of the main characters but of the secondary characters too.

The title of the book is apt so as the cover.

The thing that turned me off was the description of the places being visited that makes it a normal story, not a travelogue.Reading experience would have been enhanced if the description would have been more. Moreover, there were few errors in the book that can be corrected in the next edition.

I would like to give 3 stars for this book. I’m waiting for the next part of the book but this time indeed with more description about the places being visited.

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About the Author

Mohit Goyal holds his Master’s degree from Cranfield University, England. A successful entrepreneur for past 11-years; he is currently heading an international logistics conglomerate with presence in several Asian countries. He resides in New Delhi. Been acknowledged and awarded for many of his short stories in past; he conceived this idea of ‘The RoadTrippers Series’ to combine his love for travel, food and philosophy.

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