A letter to my best friend

 “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

— C.S. Lewis

So this letter is for the one whom I met after 7 years.

Dear friend,

7 years is such a long time. I never thought I would ever get a chance to meet you again, ah! Kudos to the internet ( your girlfriend :p) for playing the role of a bridge that finally joined the two shores of the rivers that had lost their ways 7 years back.

7 years, so many things are there to be shared.

About me. About you. About this world that we hate at times. About universe. About hatred, anger, depression, frustration and what not. About that something that dies inside our heart every night. About everything that we share in common and that’s what make you say ” we are the same yaar, ditto!”

About the wishes that died with your mom. About the pain, my dad never let us knew.

About everything that exists. About the lack of love within.

Ah! It feels so good that finally after so many years I got someone I can proudly call mine.

The one best friend whose place in my heart was always left divine.

I never knew you were the one,

Until we shared that late night conversation’s fun.

Now, I have someone whom I can call even at 3 am

and can talk for endless hours.

I love all the chutiyapas we did, we do and will forever do.

I feel pity on myself that I’m running out of words today to pen down how much good it is feeling inside to have you as my friend.

Ok, best friend. fine?

Now let me tell you something very clearly that I’m in no mood to talk as I want reasons why you left everything all of a sudden.

A part of me had already died when I got to know about your mom. I cried thinking about you, for you were so frail to bear all that. You were that cute little kid who has grown up into a man today, a man who is strong enough to bear everything that the destiny offers on your plate. I never knew you would become this strong. I even forgot that you existed so as you did, no?

I want you to share everything with me without any condition. I know and I can even understand about the minutes that went like hours and the time when you fail to recognize, it’s morning or Twilight.

I know how it felt like to you when all you wanted was just to wake up and needed someone would tell you that you are dreaming and the thing, the torture and the pain you are feeling is just a part of a nightmare.

I know how it feels. I’ve been through the same for months.

I know how you wanted to quit your life but survived. I know how it feels to shout out loud on a busy road that makes you feel choked inside. I know. I know.

Somedays I wish I were there with you to hold you in my arms, to let you feel and understand that one day everything will be alright and it won’t pain as much as it does now. I wanted to be there but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t.

You can cry, boys do cry. I’m here this time to be that shoulder you can comfortably shed your tears on. I’m here to be that arms you always needed.

I know you don’t need my shoulder and my arms but it’s free dude, com’on ab bhaw to mat kha itna bol diya hai..xD

You are among the best things that ever happened to me. I used to think that all the guys from my town are big creeps but you are an exception and your English, damnnnnnnnn!

You are a true warrior who fought like a boy and are still fighting.

Bache, I’m with you. Teri friend. The one who will stay.

One question 👇

Ha..haa..xD..yaha beijjati mat krna. I know I’m beautiful.

Jokes apart. Ok so let me tell you that I wrote this whole FUCKIN’ piece of SHIT just for you despite having writer’s block. So, yeah I need a treat.

*Give a big round of applause for me”



And yes, be like the way you’re.

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    1. Addhaya Anil says:

      Thank you :)


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