The Resurrection of Evil by Neelabh Pratap Singh~Book Review

Title– The Resurrection of Evil

Author– Neelabh Pratap Singh

Publisher– Story Mirror

Number of pages– 214

Price-225 INR


When an antique artefact is stolen from National Museum, Delhi, a reckless and stubborn police officer ACP Aryan is placed at the helm of the case. Uncovering each layer of the truth, Aryan discovers that the people on the hunt for the artefact are the descendants of those who are found only in the scriptures of Indian mythology- The Asuras. From the gateway of Lord Vishnu- Haridwar to God’s own country- Kerala, from fiery pursuits to narrow escapes, the mystery of the artefact draws Aryan into a lethal maze of vengeance, betrayal and dreadful secrets. With time slipping out of hands like sand, Aryan must unravel the secret motive of his adversaries. Else, this story of Good vs Ancient evil might not end with the victory of Good.


This book is mainly supposed to be thriller themed but no, it didn’t stand out on that. I can understand where did he (the author) get this misunderstanding of action and thrill words from… and the answer is South Indian Movies. Now I may sound offensive to some of you, but truth to be told, I hate southern movies and particularly the action scenes. And did I forget to tell you that it has romance too, the love story of Rohit and Shraddha (Aryan’s sister-in-law), and there was a little sort of romance scene which could have killed me with its boring energy. So they both are best friends since 3 years and both of them have romantic feelings for each other but untold…. LOL, old crap, no?

The cover of the book is okay, red background with black stains representing evil and violence, then the town alongside the river (Ganga) and the helicopter in which Aryan, along with Lugh, went to rescue his sister-in-law Shraddha and Rahul, seems meaningful and good. The only thing I didn’t like about the cover is the gun which is supposed to represent action but doesn’t actually go well along with the background and then the yellow vertical bar above the gun, which I guess has no purpose other than decoration.

Also the title “The Resurrection of Evil” has been chosen wisely and represents the story, however the word Evil seems to represent “Asuras” or particularly “Mayasura” which is not so as he saves Shraddha at the end of the story as he does not want any innocent person to die because of him.

Let’s come to the book itself now. The action scenes are crap, it is basically like watching southern movies or Sallu Bhai’s Dabangg :p. And the thrill… I didn’t see any. But there was one thing in this book, its suspense while reading the book (after prologue), you’ll be in suspense all the time that when will the author connect the prologue to the main story. Only if you’d look at the last paragraph of the prologue again (after completing the book), you’d come to understand the senseless connection and your expression would be like, seriously?

The writing style was okay, there were spelling errors though that didn’t cause much disturbance while reading. Also, it’d be better to have named the chapters but still it’s divided, at least.

The story now, ancient myths are true and different descendants of ancient families are on a hunt for an antique artefact which has been stolen from the museum as it is supposed to fulfil their goals of revenge for their 1000s years back ancestors and/or ruling the universe. The author seems to have done an in-depth research on ancient myths, particularly Indian myths which is the only thing to admire in this book. But still, most theories used in the book is not author’s, and some of the only few author’s imaginations, like the band which converts negative energy to life energy, seem so dumb. And also, which police would trust and release a deadly criminal, namely Lugh, from lock-up whom he doesn’t even know much about? and this wasn’t enough, Lugh doesn’t just win the trust of that police Harish but also the protagonist Aryan’s and Anand’s too, moreover in seconds… great. It was like…

And at the end, it wasn’t enough, this book will have sequels.

I would rate it 2 out of 5 stars and now it’s all up to you, the readers, to decide whether to read this book or not. :)

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Official book trailer

Happy reading. :)

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