The Bogus Read by Divyamaan~Book Review

Title– The Bogus Read

Author– Divyamaan

Publisher– Frog Books

Number of pages– 290

Price– 295 INR


512u0qSUn6L._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_“In a galaxy far, far away from Earth there were two countries. India and Pakistan. Both countries somehow remained in a perennial state of conflict since their independence. After badly losing thrice to India, Pakistan has now come up with the ultimate conspiracy – attack the minds of the Indian masses and capture the nation. In a partially successful attempt, it captures some portion of India. The Indian Government, led by its highly patriotic PM, Narendar Mody and His Royal Highness, Arnub Gooswamy, takes charge of the situation and comes up with a master plan of defeating Pakistan, using some of India’s most potent weapons – corruption, political-hooliganism and annoying celebrities. They are supported by five engineering students who, inspite of their otherwise mundane lives, get embroiled in the mess. They set themselves on a perilous journey only to discover how deep the whole conspiracy is and how dangerous are the brains behind it. Will they succeed in revealing the conspiracy to the Army? Will the lost territories be recaptured by India? To find out read ‘The Bogus Read’, an illogically-logical take on Indian politics, mainstream media, cinema and the television industry.”


Starting with the title “The Bogus Read”, it represents comic nature of the book and indeed the book really stood very well on its humor level. And then the cover, it’s attractive and unique to be found in a novel. Cartoon sketches of politicians and celebrities, similar to what we see in newspapers sometimes, and those news type quotes, those are really humorous and illogical, of course.

The book is comedy themed and as I said before too, it stood very well on it. Its humor level is insane actually. It also has a chill of patriotism along with humor theme. The book made me laugh my ass off from the prologue till the end but I would say that the last chapter was not up to my expectation, maybe because I had expected a little way too much. I did not like the hulking form of Arnub Gooswamy, else everything was great. Covered in humor, it also shows the current (bad) scenario of Indian politics, mainstream media, cinema, and TV serials. This book shows how blindly a person worships a politician, how news channels instead of covering news, cover saas-bahu jhamela and that how silly and stupid our television industry has become (or it was like this since always).

The story goes as that all these media, cinema, serials and even politics being ruined was a decade length conspiracy of Pakistan. And now Pakistan is ready to attack India. It succeeds in capturing parts of India, beginning from J&K and proceeding further down to Shimla and Chandigarh. In return, India makes a master plan to use its most potent weapons – corruption, political hooliganism and annoying celebrities, against Pakistan.

The writing style is really good and editing also. The book has been well divided into eight chapters with 3-5 sub-chapters in each. Changing of the scene was also good with an end mark at the end of a scene. The book also has an index page which is helpful. The story goes with dates succeeding which is again good and it also hasn’t any irrelevant love story (no love story at all) unlike last few books I have read which was like a cherry on top.

So at the conclusion, I liked almost everything about this book (e.g., cover, title, humor, editing, etc), I enjoyed reading it since beginning till last and the author deserves appreciations for his work on his well written first book.

I rate it 5 stars out of 5 and strongly recommend it to everyone.

About the Author

Divyamaan aka D-MAN is an aspiring poet, actor, writer, director, guitarist, astrologer, entrepreneur, cook and gardener who works as a Business Development Manager at an IT MNC. A nationalist at heart and a lover of cinema, he wishes to someday contribute to good cinema in particular and nation building at large. As a step to that, he indulges in several Facebook comment fights, trolling useless celebrities on Twitter and leaving attention seeking comments on YouTube. Besides aspiring for so many things, he also happens to be an aspiring Engineer, with a degree from JIIT Noida and an MBA from Great Lakes Chennai. Currently he blogs and writes soulful articles for under the moniker D-MAN.

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H-A-P-P-Y–R-E-A-D-I-N-G :)

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