I fear people


i fear people
for the fear
of getting judged
by them
never leaves.

i fear people
because the replies
i get for not replying
to their
messages funckin’ kills me.

i fear people,
for i lack the art
of choosing
right ones
and sometimes
they choose
the wrong person
in me.

i fear people
because i’ve hurt,
and they left
like they
never existed.

i fear people
they never understand
that some people
are still learning.

i fear people
most of them
don’t appreciate
the tiny effort
one put in making an art.

i fear people
and the society
we have made
as I too belong
to this big society
i fuckin’ fear myself
for i know
thinks the same
about me too.

i fear people,
i really do.

A Symphony of Chance Encounters by Sayujya Sankar~Book Review

Title – A Symphony of Chance Encounters

Author– Sayujya Sankar

Publisher– Notion Press

No. of pages– 152

Price– 210 INR


The world sways to an invisible music. We are the orchestra and our stories its symphony. And our loneliness is a song, which leads us through pasts and presents, towards new friends, and acquaintances…

That girl on the road swaying to an invisible rhythm…

That lady at the next table reading a book…

What’s their music?

A Symphony of Chance Encounters has suspense, love, rage, passion, contemplation and myriad human emotions sung into its stories.

A murderess. A child’s relationship with her father. An indifferent author. An unusual friendship. A couple in love. Writers exploring their creations. The fragrance of a new life; a new hope. A woman trapped in a life she does not want – will the rhythm be hers?

Their tunes merge. Their songs intertwine to create a symphony.

But, which tune do you sway to? Which melody lingers on your lips? Which story is yours?



It’s basically an anthology of short stories and poems. There are 10 poems and 10 short stories where each poem is followed by a short story. Each story has a different genre, but despite that, I found the stories bit boring and not well crafted.

The title of the book is the unique one, but the cover is the biggest turn off for me. The cover seemed a bit chaotic to me and it could have been better.

Poor plot.

The book could have been better if the Author had given a little more attention to the plot of each story. The stories are very simple and plain. Poems are better than the stories.

Coming to the language of the book, honestly, I don’t find it good. The 1st two stories are written in a very poor language while the 3rd one is written way better than the previous two which seemed as if someone else has written that.

What did I like?

Honestly, the thing I liked about the book is some poems and the title.

What didn’t I like?

Cover page, the language used and the plot of the stories.

Overall, all I would say is, the book is a big “NO” for me and I would like to give it 1 star out of five.

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