Sondai (The Dowager Bride) – Book Review


Author: Payal Kumar

Publisher: Artson Publishing House

Book Length: 73

Price: 245 INR

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Sondai, who is about to die, reminiscences her entire life of transformation. She is a widow, which is a taboo in our society till date, particularly in the villages of our country and in the state Bihar. The story revolves around the indomitable beliefs of Sondai, the main character, and how this ultimately brings a progression in the fate of her family as well.


Prayers do not change how Gods have planned your destiny, but it transforms and strengths the beliefs of the one who prays.

Coming out as a strong woman, breaking the taboo in a state like Bihar is the most difficult yet commendable thing. Sondai The Dowager Bride is one such tale of a woman who grows out of the boundaries and stood out as a strong woman not only for herself but for her family as well.

The story begins with her getting married at an early age to her elder sister’s widower husband. Her husband dies within a week which made her go through several taunts and allegations that she killed her husband. The death turns out to be a turning point in her life. This story takes us to a roller coaster ride where several details have been covered like death, loss, condition of woman, education and so on.

I really loved the plotline and thus was expecting it to be a little longer read as far as the topic it covered is considered. A really fast-paced read with easy to understand language, the fluid narration which made me hooked on to the book till the end and not to forget the glossary part that made it easier to understand a few words mentioned in the book. I guess it is after a really long time that I have read a book by an Indian author which worth all my time.

I would recommend this to those who are looking for a short and fast-paced read.

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My rating: 4/5



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  1. Zara Rizwan says:

    Nice review and now I am quite intrigued to read it. I hope it is available in Pakistan atm.


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