About me

“A girl not born with a silver spoon but indeed with a golden heart.”

That’s how I, Addhaya Anil, define myself. I’m a 19 something girl who embarked on a journey of being an artist 2 years back.

I’m an experienced Book Reviewer with a demonstrated history of working in the writing industry. Skilled in Content Writing, Microsoft Word, Social Media Blogging, and Book Reviews. Strong media and communication professional with a B.A. focused in English, Philosophy and A.I.H.C and Arch. from BHU, Varanasi, India.

I’ve been published in several anthologies but still, I have a lot more to learn.

I write in every genre except thriller and paranormal.

Well, that sounds too professional, no?

Let me tell you some facts about me —

  • I love smelling new books and I usually sleep hugging them.
  • I’m crazy about green colored things.
  • I love to listen to people for I know how it feels when no one listens. You can read about what I’m trying to say here.
  • I try to do one good thing a day.
  • I’m badass typo girl.
  • I’m a big foody and I usually sleep after having something really tasty, that’s why my body weighs 75 kgs now 😛
  • I love my family like any other ordinary human being and it consists of 2 sisters and my master chef mom.
  • Junk food over everything but salad will always be my favorite.
  • I’m so lazy that I often ignore taking bath and brushing my teeth, sounds yucky, no? 😛
  • I miss the delicacies made by my dad and sometimes when I miss him a lot, I feel his presence, that smell of his body.
  • After books, my lifelines are my mobile and my lappy. Literally, these are the 3 things I can’t live without.
  • Most people address me as an attention seeker and I really don’t know whether I’m that or not.
  • I don’t watch T.V. and if I  do, cartoons are my all time favorite.
  • I aspire to be a journalist and I choose reading news over watching.
  • I’m not a daddy’s princess or mom’s girl but I’m certainly a bitch of my potassium ( Potassium as in my best friend…)
  • I love people who get excited about stars, sky, beaches, oceans and obviously books.
  • Before reading, writing is my 1st love. I love spoken poetry and have written many, just waiting for a platform to showcase my talent.
  • I love doodling and mandala art is my favorite and trust me, I really don’t know if it comes under doodling or not.
  • I’ve deleted over 5 blogs and this is my 6th blog  :p
  • I would love to add more points once I remember any  :p