About me

“A girl not born with a silver spoon but indeed with a golden heart.”

That’s how I, Addhaya Anil, define myself. I’m a 19 something girl who embarked on a journey of being an artist 2 years back.

I’m an experienced Book Reviewer with a demonstrated history of working in the writing industry. Skilled in Content Writing, Microsoft Word, Social Media Blogging, and Book Reviews. Strong media and communication professional with an B.A. focused in English, Philosophy and A.I.H.C and Arch. from BHU, Varanasi, India.

I’ve been published in several anthologies but still, I have a lot more to learn.

I write in every genre except thriller and paranormal

Well, that sounds too professional, no?

Let me tell you some facts about me —

  • I love smelling new books and I usually sleep hugging them.
  • I’m crazy about green colored things.
  • I love to listen to people for I know how it feels when no one listens. You can read about what I’m trying to say here.
  • I try to do one good thing a day.
  • I’m badass typo girl.
  • I’m a big foody and I usually sleep after having something really tasty, that’s why my body weighs 75 kgs now 😛
  • I love my family like any other ordinary human being and it consists of 2 sisters and my master chef mom.
  • Junk food over everything but salad will always be my favorite.
  • I’m so lazy that I often ignore taking bath and brushing my teeth, sounds yucky, no? 😛
  • I miss the delicacies made by my dad and sometimes when I miss him a lot, I feel his presence, that smell of his body.
  • After books, my lifelines are my mobile and my lappy. Literally, these are the 3 things I can’t live without.
  • Most people address me as an attention seeker and I really don’t know whether I’m that or not.
  • I don’t watch T.V. and if I  do, cartoons are my all time favorite.
  • I aspire to be a journalist and I choose reading news over watching.
  • I’m not a daddy’s princess or mom’s girl but I’m certainly a bitch of my potassium ( Potassium as in my best friend…)
  • I love people who get excited about stars, sky, beaches, oceans and obviously books.
  • Before reading, writing is my 1st love. I love spoken poetry and have written 4, just waiting for a platform to showcase my talent.
  • I love doodling and mandala art is my favorite and trust me, I really don’t know if it comes under doodling or not.
  • My morning begins with I having tea made by me, obviously, with my mom.
  • I’ve deleted over 5 blogs and this is my 6th blog  :p
  • I would love to add more points once I remember any  :p