Welcome to the blog of a social butterfly.

I believe that anyone who creates something is an artist. Your art could be anything, it could be music, dance, photography and so on; the list never ends. So, basically what I’m trying to say is, you, yes you who is reading this right now, is an artist too; maybe you would say you are not but trust me, you are the one hell of an artist. All you need to do is just find the place where your soul resides and I’m doing that here on my blog.

This blog is about everything that I love to do. Be it scribbling, doodling, reviewing books, writing letters or random ramblings. A place where I will be me and where I will share my opinions, thoughts, feelings, emotions about random and real things. A place where you will be able to see the different shades of me through different art forms but the top of all there would be more bookish posts than any other thing.

P.S.-I would be glad if you will leave a small feedback in the form of a reply to my posts.

P.S.S-Suggestions and criticism are always welcome. Feel free to ask and comment what you would feel like about my posts.