Review Policy

To contact me for a review you can either email me at or contact me via any of the social media sites.

I accept paperbacks and hardcovers only, no e-books. The picture of the book will be featured on my social media accounts.

Genres I Prefer

Adult Fiction, Fantasy, Contemporary, Paranormal, Mystery, Adventure, Poetry, Erotica, Memoirs, Mythology, and so on.

I am not accepting from these genres:

Non-Fiction (although I may make an exception if it sounds particularly fascinating), Sci-Fi, Historical etc.

Other Information

The time it takes for me to review a book or products depends on how many previous review requests I have, the length of the book etc.  (ARC’s will be reviewed before the release date in order to promote hype.)


My reviews will be honest and I only do paid reviews also, I won’t alter my reviews in favor of your wish.

Rating system

I give ratings to books according to good reads rating system which means if I give your book one star then it means I didn’t like the book and if two then it means it was okay and so on.

All reviews will be posted on my blog and in the case of books, on Amazon, and Goodreads too.