– of him


We named love,

Every time I would ask,
he replied-
as if it were a TFIOS scene.
“Okay! ”

His lips were on mine that day, licking, and the one you call lip lock made me all nervous and the flashbacks of past- those vivid pictures, kept flashing in front of my eyes.
“Hey, are you fine?
always, you know.”

*I smiled.*

Give me a broad smile, he said.
I did smile and he kissed my tears and started smiling even broader.

I looked myself in the mirror
to see that smiling face of mine, my mind almost forgot how it looked like.

He hugged me from behind,
but instead of kissing,
we looked at each other; smiling in the mirror,
we captured memories in our eyes rather than clicking pictures.
We wove moments in hours.

We made love,
instead of him lifting me up in his arms
I lifted him in mine.

And he smiled, laughed, giggled,
after 7 years.
I too did.